Friday, March 30, 2012


It's been a month since I started my cohen diet. So happy monthsary to me and my diet. :))

My official weigh in happened yesterday, March 29. I had my repeat blood test at New World Laboratory in the morning and proceeded to the Cohen Center in the afternoon. I chose that diagnostic clinic over the one where I had my first blood test because of the price. I was able to save less than a thousand. It pays to be thrifty at times.  He he!


I lost 10.78 lbs, say 11 lbs or 4.9kg. It's not a big number as compared to other cohenites who lost between 15-18lbs on their first month, but I understand. My body can not afford to lose that much because I am not that obese. He he! So, it's already an achievement, let's celebrate!

Moreso, I am amazed at how my clothes fit me now. No more tummy sticking out. My pants are loose. My belt is now on the 6th hole, previously from 4th hole. There are few blouses that I can no longer wear because I look lousy on them now. My legs are now back in shape. I can wear short shorts! Weeee!  :))

All the while I thought I am deviation free since Day1. But to my dismay, I have few lapses which I realized upon discussion with the consultant. Awww!

Here are  few tips on how to optimize my weight loss in the succeeding months:

1. Drink water. It must be 2-3 Liters per day. Best to drink a mouthful every 15 minutes.
     - I normally drink water quickly and consume few glasses in one go, which is wrong. So from now on I will drink moderately whether I am thirsty or not.  :))

2. Meal Interchange. 3 main meals must be interchanged from time to time.
     - I basically eat yoghurt for breakfast because it was the easiest to prepare. I just simply follow MEAL123. Again, this is wrong. From now on I will interchange. So it should be MEAL123 or MEAL132 or MEAL321 or  MEAL312 or MEAL213 or MEAL231, and so on. 

3. Food tasting while cooking. (these are the food I cook for the family, not mine)
     - I taste what I cook.  I taste the hot milk I prepare for hubby. Thus, this is a form of deviation. The logic is that you get to ingest the flavor that is not cohen-friendly. So the best thing to do is to spit after tasting. Hmmm. Better yet, I leave the cooking to the helper. :))

These may sound simple and no big deal, but all these mattered. They are DEVIATIONS!

"One reason God created time was so that there would be a place to bury the failures of the past".

So learn from the past, work hard in the present to taste success in the future....

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