Friday, March 2, 2012

Cohen Diet: Day 1

My official start date. 
Goal set! 
No turning back! 
Let's go for the WIN!

I am ecstatic to wake up and eat my mango yogurt that I prepared from last night. I paired it with coffee. But then I realized it was not a good combination since yogurt is cold and the coffee is hot. It's odd. But I finished it anyway. From this experience, breakfast for tomorrow will definitely be different. I promised! :)

For my lunch, I prepared Shrimp with stir fried veggies. I seasoned it with a dash of salt, pepper, and ground garlic. This is quite good. I will surely repeat this recipe. And look at my plate, it blended well with the table cloth. Isn't that cute?!

I did not take photos of my morning and afternoon snacks because it's simply a combination of fruit, crispbread and diet soda. So nothing special with that.

I experimented ground beef with enoki mushroom, cauliflower, and cucumber for my dinner. I flavored it with some spices. 2 crispbreads were added from my cracker allowance to complete the meal. Yummy! I did not expect that this will turn out good. But it did! Thumbs up for this recipe :)) I'll have this again in a day or two. :))

To conclude, I guess I can handle the diet pretty well. I had hunger pangs and cravings and all but it's tolerable. I felt lightheaded an hour before I get to the next meal, but it's fine. It was expected. The only thing I hate though is I kept on looking at the wall clock to get to the next meal. The only consolation I enjoy is everytime I get to drink diet soda. Ha ha! Call me SODAHOLIC! :))) I'm fine with it! :))

I had the first taste of hassle in going out. Hubby and I went to the mall in time for my 7:30PM snack. My last meal for the day. So I brought 'BAON" with me. When we got to the foudcourt, I immediately ate my food so as not to exceed the 2.5hrs time interval each meal. And to beat the "before 9PM last meal" deadline. Hassle talaga! 

Yeah, right! I have to battle the hardship in going out. There will be birthdays, weddings, anniversaries along the journey. I know there will be a lot to come. For now I'll just live one day at a time for God only knows our tomorrow.....  :))


I had an intermittent internet connection last night that's why it was a late post. Sorry for that!


Anonymous said...

Pwede pala magcomment... Hehe... Way to go net... Sarap ng mga meals ah... :)

Manette said...

Thanks lon for dropping by. :)

Anonymous said...

its so hard specially when your studying arggh worst of all i really dont eat veggies...i dont cheat but i dont see any improvements so sad