Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Cohen Diet: Day 7

Just One More Day and week1 is over. I'll show my newest stats tomorrow! Oh, I can't wait!

For now, I'll just show what food I ingested.

For breakfast I had egg omelette with mushroom and chinese pechay. My midday snack was tangerine orange (ponkan) and coke light.

For lunch, I wanted something soupy, so I cooked "Nilagang Baka".  The greens on it were plenty and I had hard time finishing it. I was sooooo full! The supposedly 3:15PM afternoon snack was delayed to 4:00PM because I was not hungry yet. I can't push myself to eat. Beef dishes normally are the hardest to digest. Well, that's just my opinion. I don't know for others. :)

For dinner, I had "Sinigang na Sugpo". Oopppps! I noticed it was a soupy day today. I guess I grew tired of eating dry meals (fried or grilled) since day1. For a change perhaps. Ha ha!

Even if I am entitled to have 3 more crackers before 9:00PM, I did not eat my cracker allowance as I was still full at 9:00PM. Maybe because my body is now adjusted to the small servings for the past 6 days. I don't easily feel hungry anymore. YEHEY! I LIKE! 

That's all folks! See you tom for the week1 report.. NUNINUNINUNI!

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