Monday, March 26, 2012


WOOOHOOOO! I Love it! I lost another 2.7lbs this week. With the grand total of 9.9lbs for 3 weeks. Not bad!  :)) And the best thing about it is that there's no exercise.. Yes, you read it right. No exercise while on this program. Happy me because I am such a lazybone. Weeee!

There was a birthday celebration in our family last week. I didn't cheat. But it was an utmost torture eating with them at the table with all the delicious food. I pitied myself. *Sniff* *Sniff*. To make things worse, the food I cooked or should I say experimented, did not turn out as expected. It was kind of depressing munching on my awful food while everyone else is enjoying theirs. Poor girl! So I promised myself to cook a deli to make myself happy. Next day, I went to the grocery and bought ricotta cheese. And look what I made!!!


It doesn't look like a diet food at all. It was a yummy tasty treat! It set my mood! :)) 

C is for the Calories that I exonerate
H is for the Happiness I embrace
E is for Each slice that adorns my dinner plate
E is for Every indulgence of its taste
S is for magnificent Satisfaction
E (when I don't share) is for the Envious reaction
C is for Confiscating the very last piece
A is the grade I give this Amazing feast
K is for the Kismet of this phenomenon
E is for Empty (sigh) when my slice is gone

Put them together and it spells ‘Cheesecake,’ it's true…
but it's the last piece! Hey! Sorry, there's none left for you.

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