Thursday, March 15, 2012


GREAT!!! I lost 2.7lbs this week. With the  grand total of 7.2lbs for the 2 weeks. My clothes are getting loose. I'm feeling lighter now. . COOL! One satisfied COHEN customer here! :))

Of course it wasn't easy. Cravings are still there but reduced. It will not vanish. You just have to have the courage to control it. Discipline is the key.

Here are some of the pictures of my food the past few days. They are a little blurry because I just used my phone cam.

Grilled Chicken Fingers with Fried Cauli Rice. Mayo and lemon sauce for my dip. Fyi, cauli rice is cauliflower turned into faux rice. Since we can not eat rice, a fellow cohenite experimented and came up with this version. Kudos to you!

This one is Beef Steak Tagalog. I used sukiyaki cut for easy cooking. Stir fried veggies for my sidings. Good enough. :))

Chicken-Mushroom Nuggets. I just minced chicken breast and straw mushrooms, seasoned with some spices and baked them. This was soooo fun to eat. I like it! :))
Adobong Pusit and Cauli Rice. My first time to cook squid and it turned out great and tender. I was scared at first that it might turn rubbery. I'm glad it did not. I had this for 2 days. I love it. :))

Until now, I am still battling with my veggies. I have hard time eating the huge allowance 3x a day. For now I'm trapped. There's no way out. I need and I must eat my veggies whatever it takes. Awww! And besides, this DIET WORKS!!! That's the most important thing! CHEEERS!!!


Anonymous said...

Congrats... :)

Anonymous said...

Strict meal plan pala tlg? Kala ko basta veggies puede.. puso ng saging burger tastes great pa naman... Cauli rice kinakain ng mga vegetarian na ayaw ng rice tlg.. macarbo daw eh.. ano lasa ng cauli rice? Masaap ba?

Manette said...

Yup, very strict. Weight must be followed to the last digit. Limited veggie choices din. I normally cook cauli rice with garlic and salt so parang fried rice lang. hence, andun pa din ang konting lasa ng Cauli. hehe! Mind over matter lang.. haha!

Manette said...

Thanks for dropping by...nice day ahead!

PheyAfricano said...

Very inspiring blog! Pwede po bang ask recipe for the cauli rice and adobong pusit. Also, how do you make the make the patties? Thanks