Thursday, May 3, 2012


The center texted me to go to the clinic to have my second weigh-in, that was Thursday , April 26. Since we are given 10 days grace period to have our self weighed,  I decided to delay it and did it April 30 instead.

Since I have my own weighing scale at home and I get to weigh everyday and everytime I like, I know I wouldn't get surprise to see my new weight using the weighing scale at the center because the figures are basically just the same. What surprised me was when the consultant told me to order my refeed next week. HUWATTT??? ARE YOU SERIOUS??? YOU'RE KIDDING ME!!!

When I started I was 63.6kg or 140.2lbs. Now I am only 54.0kg or 119lbs. My upper limit based on BMI is 51kg. When I reach 117lbs (hopefully this week), I can order my REFEED already. Again, it was really hard to believe knowing that it was just 2 months that I am into the diet. That was really fast.  :))

And BTW, my jeans are basically falling off. From size 33 I am now down to 28.  My belt was from hole 4 and now it's on the 8th hole. My XL blouses  are now literally big on me. I can wear Medium and Small. HAPPINESS IT IS!

"Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after another." Walter Elliott
Race 1 (Meal Plan)
Race 2 (Refeed)
Finsh Line (Maintenance)

Almost done with Race 1 and getting ready for Race 2. I can already smell the success in Finish Line. Yahooooooo!!!   :))

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Anonymous said...

Hey! Good luck and it's nice to know that the plan is working so well with you! Keep it up! :)