Friday, March 30, 2012


It's been a month since I started my cohen diet. So happy monthsary to me and my diet. :))

My official weigh in happened yesterday, March 29. I had my repeat blood test at New World Laboratory in the morning and proceeded to the Cohen Center in the afternoon. I chose that diagnostic clinic over the one where I had my first blood test because of the price. I was able to save less than a thousand. It pays to be thrifty at times.  He he!


I lost 10.78 lbs, say 11 lbs or 4.9kg. It's not a big number as compared to other cohenites who lost between 15-18lbs on their first month, but I understand. My body can not afford to lose that much because I am not that obese. He he! So, it's already an achievement, let's celebrate!

Moreso, I am amazed at how my clothes fit me now. No more tummy sticking out. My pants are loose. My belt is now on the 6th hole, previously from 4th hole. There are few blouses that I can no longer wear because I look lousy on them now. My legs are now back in shape. I can wear short shorts! Weeee!  :))

All the while I thought I am deviation free since Day1. But to my dismay, I have few lapses which I realized upon discussion with the consultant. Awww!

Here are  few tips on how to optimize my weight loss in the succeeding months:

1. Drink water. It must be 2-3 Liters per day. Best to drink a mouthful every 15 minutes.
     - I normally drink water quickly and consume few glasses in one go, which is wrong. So from now on I will drink moderately whether I am thirsty or not.  :))

2. Meal Interchange. 3 main meals must be interchanged from time to time.
     - I basically eat yoghurt for breakfast because it was the easiest to prepare. I just simply follow MEAL123. Again, this is wrong. From now on I will interchange. So it should be MEAL123 or MEAL132 or MEAL321 or  MEAL312 or MEAL213 or MEAL231, and so on. 

3. Food tasting while cooking. (these are the food I cook for the family, not mine)
     - I taste what I cook.  I taste the hot milk I prepare for hubby. Thus, this is a form of deviation. The logic is that you get to ingest the flavor that is not cohen-friendly. So the best thing to do is to spit after tasting. Hmmm. Better yet, I leave the cooking to the helper. :))

These may sound simple and no big deal, but all these mattered. They are DEVIATIONS!

"One reason God created time was so that there would be a place to bury the failures of the past".

So learn from the past, work hard in the present to taste success in the future....

Monday, March 26, 2012


WOOOHOOOO! I Love it! I lost another 2.7lbs this week. With the grand total of 9.9lbs for 3 weeks. Not bad!  :)) And the best thing about it is that there's no exercise.. Yes, you read it right. No exercise while on this program. Happy me because I am such a lazybone. Weeee!

There was a birthday celebration in our family last week. I didn't cheat. But it was an utmost torture eating with them at the table with all the delicious food. I pitied myself. *Sniff* *Sniff*. To make things worse, the food I cooked or should I say experimented, did not turn out as expected. It was kind of depressing munching on my awful food while everyone else is enjoying theirs. Poor girl! So I promised myself to cook a deli to make myself happy. Next day, I went to the grocery and bought ricotta cheese. And look what I made!!!


It doesn't look like a diet food at all. It was a yummy tasty treat! It set my mood! :)) 

C is for the Calories that I exonerate
H is for the Happiness I embrace
E is for Each slice that adorns my dinner plate
E is for Every indulgence of its taste
S is for magnificent Satisfaction
E (when I don't share) is for the Envious reaction
C is for Confiscating the very last piece
A is the grade I give this Amazing feast
K is for the Kismet of this phenomenon
E is for Empty (sigh) when my slice is gone

Put them together and it spells ‘Cheesecake,’ it's true…
but it's the last piece! Hey! Sorry, there's none left for you.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


It's my DAY 20! Time flies so fast. It feels like I just started. But I'm losing more and more....  YEY!

Last Sunday, March 18, I had a terrible headache. I know the culprit. I took my breakfast at 8:00AM and did not take my midday snack coz I went to the church and attended the mass. Had my lunch at 1:00PM. That's it. The hunger had passed me by. It's not a good idea to skip meals/snacks. Good thing there's a Facebook Closed Group. I asked them if I can take a pain reliever. I took advil and was relieved.  It pays well to have support group. Thanks for their prompt reply. I am loving the group now. WOOOOT! 

Moral of the story: Don't skip meals or snacks. Don't go out without eating food for so long (5hrs). Bring "baon" if possible.

Enough for that. And here are some of the food that kept me going...  :))

 This is baked mozarella cheese with mixed veggies (mushroom, green bell pepper, tomatoes). paired with apple slices and some Jacob's crackers. Yummy!
Chicken and mushroom cakes. Seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic powder, and oregano. I made a shrimp version of this. And I can say that shrimp cakes are way better than chicken cakes. Wasn't able to take a picture though.
Pan-fried chicken fingers on a bed of pechay and pechay baguio. This is quite good! I normally simmer the veggies and overcook so it would shrink and totally look mushy. I like it this way.
This is my favorite. Cauli rice and beef tapa. Special thanks to a fellow cohenite for introducing this recipe. I cook this often because it's very easy to prepare especially on lazy days. BIG THANKS!

I am nearing my WEEK3. I wonder how much weight will I lose this time... I am excited! And BTW, I am still DEVIATION FREE!!! I hope I can still focus until the end. Fingers crossed!  :))

Thursday, March 15, 2012


GREAT!!! I lost 2.7lbs this week. With the  grand total of 7.2lbs for the 2 weeks. My clothes are getting loose. I'm feeling lighter now. . COOL! One satisfied COHEN customer here! :))

Of course it wasn't easy. Cravings are still there but reduced. It will not vanish. You just have to have the courage to control it. Discipline is the key.

Here are some of the pictures of my food the past few days. They are a little blurry because I just used my phone cam.

Grilled Chicken Fingers with Fried Cauli Rice. Mayo and lemon sauce for my dip. Fyi, cauli rice is cauliflower turned into faux rice. Since we can not eat rice, a fellow cohenite experimented and came up with this version. Kudos to you!

This one is Beef Steak Tagalog. I used sukiyaki cut for easy cooking. Stir fried veggies for my sidings. Good enough. :))

Chicken-Mushroom Nuggets. I just minced chicken breast and straw mushrooms, seasoned with some spices and baked them. This was soooo fun to eat. I like it! :))
Adobong Pusit and Cauli Rice. My first time to cook squid and it turned out great and tender. I was scared at first that it might turn rubbery. I'm glad it did not. I had this for 2 days. I love it. :))

Until now, I am still battling with my veggies. I have hard time eating the huge allowance 3x a day. For now I'm trapped. There's no way out. I need and I must eat my veggies whatever it takes. Awww! And besides, this DIET WORKS!!! That's the most important thing! CHEEERS!!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


It's been 5 days since my last post. It's not that I have nothing to write but because of my monthly discomfort. Hormonal imbalance strikes in. Call it an excuse but it's so true... I really am LAZY whenever 'Red Flag" is up. What I also dislike is my sudden and drastic increase of appetite. I am hungry all the time. Girls can relate. I'm sure!

Despite that, I consider this day a BEAUTIFUL DAY! Yes it is!

One of my neighboor went out of her gate when she chanced upon me passing by. She said: "Ang payat mo na". There was this surprise look on her face. Ha ha! And there was this big smile on my face. I enjoyed her compliment. I really do! I'm losing weight! People start noticing it for barely 2 weeks. A for Effort! Good job!

I'd like to show where/whom I draw my inspiration. She is a COHEN graduate. I hope she won't get mad at me by posting her pics. Besides, it was once featured in a local magazine. I always look at her when I feel like giving up. Amazing transformation!!! Let's do this!  :))

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Cohen Diet: Week 1 Report (Day 8)

I Jumped off from my bed upon waking up. Pulled out the weighing scale from under the bed. Stepped on the scale. Whoah! I LOST 2kg in 7 days! It's no joke, believe me! I hope my weighing scale is not playing tricks on me! Ha ha!

I was 139.7lbs when I started. Now I am 135.2lbs. Though 1 week is just a fraction of the long journey, but I am delighted to see progress. The diet is working! Yay!

Happy and content, I head off to the kitchen to prepare my food. 

On lazy days, I just eat mango yoghurt, crackers, and coffee. And today is a lazy day. I rant about this combination in day1 but I am liking it more as days go by. 

Hubby went down to check on me while I was cooking for lunch. He said he can smell it from our room up the 2nd floor.  It was “Chiken Adobo” marinated overnight. The remaining adobo sauce/oil from the same pan were used to sautee the sidings. Perfect! Definitely there will be a repeat! :)

For dinner, "Baked Tuna". This time I put lemon for the twist and some mayo light. I wanted to put some more but I am restricted to 1 tsp level only.. darn! But all in all, it was yummy!

With my weight loss today I am more inspired to continue what has been started. This is just the beginning...... I know! But I am more determined to finish till the end.

Aim high and hit the mark!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Cohen Diet: Day 7

Just One More Day and week1 is over. I'll show my newest stats tomorrow! Oh, I can't wait!

For now, I'll just show what food I ingested.

For breakfast I had egg omelette with mushroom and chinese pechay. My midday snack was tangerine orange (ponkan) and coke light.

For lunch, I wanted something soupy, so I cooked "Nilagang Baka".  The greens on it were plenty and I had hard time finishing it. I was sooooo full! The supposedly 3:15PM afternoon snack was delayed to 4:00PM because I was not hungry yet. I can't push myself to eat. Beef dishes normally are the hardest to digest. Well, that's just my opinion. I don't know for others. :)

For dinner, I had "Sinigang na Sugpo". Oopppps! I noticed it was a soupy day today. I guess I grew tired of eating dry meals (fried or grilled) since day1. For a change perhaps. Ha ha!

Even if I am entitled to have 3 more crackers before 9:00PM, I did not eat my cracker allowance as I was still full at 9:00PM. Maybe because my body is now adjusted to the small servings for the past 6 days. I don't easily feel hungry anymore. YEHEY! I LIKE! 

That's all folks! See you tom for the week1 report.. NUNINUNINUNI!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Cohen Diet: Day 6

I'm not in the best of health today. Had I not taken a cold shower late night after a long hot and humid day, I won't get colds and runny nose. Sigh! 

Since nobody would cook for me, I got up and went straight to the kitchen to prepare my food.

Here are some of the photos of what I  have been eating today and the past few days. 

Egg omelette with mushrooms and tomatoes and some spices. Though I ate them alone without crispbread, I was full! Yummy!

This was my mouth watering "baon" when we had our lunch at my in-laws. Sauteed veggies with mozarella on top and some  basil leaves. Thank God there's cheese on earth! Craving for lasagna and pizza was satisfied! Thanks hubby for this recipe. Thumbs up! :))

Pan-fried tofu on a bed of pechay with cucumber salad. The absence of pork makes it imperfect, but it's ok anyway. I am not deviating! I AM NOT!

Tuna with zucchini and cauliflower. This was my first grilled food since Day 1. Though it doesn't look enticing and so dry in the picture, but it was good enough to satisfy my hungry tummy.  Maybe I should have added a little lemon for the twist. Next time I hit the supermarket, I will definitely buy one.

Because I enjoyed my first cheese recipe from hubby, I repeated it but baked it this time. It was heavenly! I assure you I'll never get tired of doing and eating it over and over again. This would be my staple for the rest of the program. Yum! Yum!

I wrapped enoki mushroom and cucumber strips in thinly cut beef and throw them in the griller. This was really good! Got this idea from Sambokojin. Weee!

I am losing weight, I know! But I'll just post my new wight after the first week is over. Excited much! :))

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Cohen Diet: Day 3

Yesterday, March 2, was a busy day for me. I was basically out the street the whole day.  I had my acupuncture in the morning and Quiapo novena in the afternoon. At night, intermittent internet connection again so I got lazy documenting everything.

Today, I woke up a little bit late at 8AM. Since I ran out of time to prep up, I just ate my frozen mango yoghurt instead. I paired it with crispbreads and black decaf coffee. Not a good combo as I've said before, but I am left with no choice but to eat them. Likewise, I don't want to compromise my eating time. It's a rule to follow a 2.5hrs interval between each of the 6 meals. So if I had my breakfast at 9AM, my morning snacks would be 11:30AM, my lunch would be 2PM, my last meal would be at 9:30PM. Therefore, sleeping time is at 12MN since I am allowed to sleep after 2 hrs after the meal. Awww! Not a good idea. 

Photo not mine
Diet Pepsi, crispbread, and Milk Fruit for my morning snack. Milk fruit better known locally as Star apple or Caimito. Summertime is harvest time or peak season so this is the perfect time to enjoy this fruit while it lasts. Cohenites, take advantage, go and visit the market now! :)) Weeee!

Lunch was awesome! I had chicken tocino with tomatoes and cucumber as side dishes. I just marinated the chicken breast in diet sprite and applecider vinegar overnight. I added a dash of sweetener. It was perfect! Happy tummy!  :))

Dinner of Tuna and Cabbage was terrible. It tasted bland.  I just painstakingly finished everything on my plate. I'm not a fan of tuna eversince. Definitely my first and last for this menu. :(

Tomorrow I'll be heading to the supermarket to replenish my stocks. I 'll buy light mayo so I can do my zucchini sticks.. or do vegetable pizza topped with mozarella. Arrrgh! I can't wait!  :))

To cap off Day 3, it passed without headache or or lightheadedness. I guess my body is now attuned to the Cohen way..Yey!

That's all for now.. Tomorrow is another day! :))

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Friday, March 2, 2012

Cohen Diet: Day 1

My official start date. 
Goal set! 
No turning back! 
Let's go for the WIN!

I am ecstatic to wake up and eat my mango yogurt that I prepared from last night. I paired it with coffee. But then I realized it was not a good combination since yogurt is cold and the coffee is hot. It's odd. But I finished it anyway. From this experience, breakfast for tomorrow will definitely be different. I promised! :)

For my lunch, I prepared Shrimp with stir fried veggies. I seasoned it with a dash of salt, pepper, and ground garlic. This is quite good. I will surely repeat this recipe. And look at my plate, it blended well with the table cloth. Isn't that cute?!

I did not take photos of my morning and afternoon snacks because it's simply a combination of fruit, crispbread and diet soda. So nothing special with that.

I experimented ground beef with enoki mushroom, cauliflower, and cucumber for my dinner. I flavored it with some spices. 2 crispbreads were added from my cracker allowance to complete the meal. Yummy! I did not expect that this will turn out good. But it did! Thumbs up for this recipe :)) I'll have this again in a day or two. :))

To conclude, I guess I can handle the diet pretty well. I had hunger pangs and cravings and all but it's tolerable. I felt lightheaded an hour before I get to the next meal, but it's fine. It was expected. The only thing I hate though is I kept on looking at the wall clock to get to the next meal. The only consolation I enjoy is everytime I get to drink diet soda. Ha ha! Call me SODAHOLIC! :))) I'm fine with it! :))

I had the first taste of hassle in going out. Hubby and I went to the mall in time for my 7:30PM snack. My last meal for the day. So I brought 'BAON" with me. When we got to the foudcourt, I immediately ate my food so as not to exceed the 2.5hrs time interval each meal. And to beat the "before 9PM last meal" deadline. Hassle talaga! 

Yeah, right! I have to battle the hardship in going out. There will be birthdays, weddings, anniversaries along the journey. I know there will be a lot to come. For now I'll just live one day at a time for God only knows our tomorrow.....  :))


I had an intermittent internet connection last night that's why it was a late post. Sorry for that!