Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ready, Get Set!

Feb. 25, meal plan availability notification.
Excited! Afraid!
Those were the emotions I felt when I received an SMS that meal plan is ready. That was 9 days after my blood chemistry result came out.

Feb. 28, meal plan endorsement at the clinic. 
They took photos of my front and side profiles. This is gonna' be used for the "Before and After" at the end of the program. Do I sound assuming? Nevermind, It's just a wishful thinking! Har har! 
During the one-on-one discussion with the Cohen consultant, and while reading my diet plan, I know that it is doable. With my strong determination and willpower, I know I can do it!

Feb. 28, shopping. 
Me, hubby, and friend went straight to S&R for the grocery shopping armed with the recipe and list. Most items are unavailable or out of stock so we were kind of disappointed. We transferred to Market-Market and luckily we were able to complete everything.

Feb. 29, preparation.
I will officially start the diet tomorrow, March 1. Hoping that day1 won't be a mess, so here are the stuff that I got myself glued to. :))

My non-stick frying pan


My Hello Kitty Weighing Scale
My Kitchen Scale
My Food Containers
Containers for my Yogurt

Poultry, Seafood, Meat in Ziploc, weighed and labeled

My spices

So I guess I am all set. LET'S DO THIS!!!


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