Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Art Of Waiting

Everytime I look at at my closet stuff, I feel sad. Everytime I face the mirror, I feel down and low. I can't help but ask myself what happened? What did I do to myself? What went wrong? Of course I have answers. In fact, I am very much sure of the answers. It all boils down to my being irresponsible. True! And truth hurts!

But wait! Let me explain first. 

I got pregnant 2 years ago. That triggered my big appetite. I eat everything without control. My miscarriage two months after did not stop me from eating. My appetite remained on the same state. I still can't control. 

We had OB/Gyne work-ups. I was given vitamins of all sorts left and right. I was given contraceptive pills to regulate my menstrual period. That alone contributed to my weight gain. That is a fact. 

photo taken from the internet

After the OTC pills, another set of medicines and injectables for my ovulation and artificial insemination procedures. Oftentimes I was put on bed rest to aid the implantation. That went on for several months. So my life had become sedentary. It was just an eat-sleep-eat kind of life. Who wouldn't get fat doing that?

Oh, lame excuses! I know! :)

Part of me agrees. I wouldn't gain weight if I was extra vigilant. If I was responsible enough to say no when it's good enough to say NO! It was all my fault. My Bad!

Seeing my clothes changed from XS to XL made me realized how irresponsible I become. Shopping and fitting of clothes took longer than  usual until I finally get my size. My Then and Now photos are hard to look at. Reactions and comments from friends I haven't seen for quite a while are humiliating sometimes. So I normally decline reunions to get away from this. Sigh!  :(

Good thing, there's  COHEN on earth! I'm glad we met. You are my last resort! Please be good to me!? he he!

Reading testimonials and hearing first hand information from 'Cohenite/s' (person under cohen program or a cohen graduate) made me realize that all things are possible. Seeing their 'Before and After' photos were all inspiring. I CAN DO THIS!!!  AJA!

But how soon can I start? That I don't know. Yoohooo, MEAL PLAN, where are you???

Meantime, while waiting for my diet plan, I did several research on the food and their preparation. And I came across with these things: 

1. Main source of carbs. Jacob's crisp bread. I am not sure of other brands yet.                                         

2. No pork meat allowed. Source of protein would be fish, seafoods, beef, chicken. So goodbye porky! :))

3. Kitchen Weighing Scale. Food are weighed according to your allowance. It has to be 100% correct. No more no less. Deviation not allowed. Else, it would mean a week delay in losing weight. No WAY!

4. Diet Soda. This is the best thing in the diet because I love them. 
However, I will still ask the consultant why are sodas allowed. I just have to wait for the one-on-one meal plan discussion.

Update: Not all diet sodas are allowed. Diet Rootbeer not allowed. Sprite is allowed. Pepsi Maxx is allowed.

As of time being,  I am still reading and collecting recipe and menu plans from different blogs and forums. Hopefully, I could prepare some of them and share them as well.

I will leave you with this beautiful quote:

“Even a snail will eventually reach its destination.” 

by: Gail Tsukiyama, The Street of a Thousand Blossoms.

So for now, let's just embrace the ART OF WAITING! 

All photos are not mine. I just copied them from the internet. 

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