Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cohen Session Information

This post is outdated but I will tell my story, anyway.

photo not mine

Feb. 15, 2012, 6:00PM, my session information schedule. I left the house a little early in anticipation of the heavy traffic going to Makati during rush hour. I arrived about 40 minutes early so I had a short snack at Mc Donalds to kill time and to keep me full because I know I might get hungry during the long orientation. In short, takot magutom! har! har!

Off to the clinic I go.

Elevator ride to the 10th floor was the most exciting elevator ride I ever had. Mixed emotions of fear and excitement enveloped me. Fear that I might not be able to finish the diet and lose the 55K. Excitement that I will be sexier within the next 3 months or so. :) hmmmmn!  :)

I entered Room 1001. I saw plenty of people inside, filling up questionnaires. I gave my name to the lady in the information table. She was very accommodating. Handed me a paper and pen to fill-out. OMG! I can't put on my weight details. I'm a bit shy. I don't know why. hehe! But I wrote it anyway. I handed back the questionnaire to the lady and told me to wait.

The consultant called me in a small room for some question and answer and a little verification on the information details I wrote on. Then I had my weigh-in. Oh no! I'm a bit heavier than I thought. She computed my goal weight based on my BMI. And again, to  my surprise, I need to lose 16kg or 34lbs. I think that is too much. But I have to follow it anyway. hehe! 

So orientation on the diet program proceeded. Lectures on  how to go about the program, Q&A, and success stories. Amazing presentation and stories, indeed.

My friend and I decided to sign up after the discussion. We paid 55K and went home with a brochure and a little paper for the blood work referral in HealthLab.

Because we're excited.... lab test tomorrow!!!  :))


Anonymous said...

Hi! Just curious, I just want to know, how much did the lab tests cost? I'm thinking of going into the program, primarily to get pregnant as well :) Losing weight will be just a bonus ;) Thanks!

Manette said...

Hi. thanks for dropping by. First lab test at Healthlab in Medical Plaza was Php3500. The second one was Php510 at New World Laboratory. I am encouraging you to enroll. :))