Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Waiting in Vain for Cohen

Feb. 16, 2012. The date when I had my initial blood test.

I came in early at 9AM. Wow! I was the only patient inside the Healthlab clinic. I was accommodated right away. What a breeze!

All the while I thought they're gonna' extract 3 vials of blood for each category because in the referral slip there were three categories, namely: glucose fasting, urea & electrolytes, and liver function. But thank God! They only took 1 vial. I felt relieved! :)) I don't wanna' go through the same horrifying experience I had before where I almost passed out when 4 vials were extracted for my APAS and thyroid tests. Awww! Good thing, results were ok though. That's the best reward after all. :))

Though I am quite hungry after an 8-hour fasting, I still waited for my friend so we can go together for brunch. I only took a glass of water from the Cohen Office to fill me up while waiting. She arrived an hour later. I accompanied her to the clinic for her blood extraction as well. Hurriedly, we went to the nearby KFC. We feasted on a combo meal. Oh my! BIG GUTOM! :))

I went home and rested. Then I checked my email at 7PM. To my surprise, the lab results were there. That was fast! Really fast! I opened the email attachment and got excited again. But my excitement STOPPED right there and then. Oh no! LDH is not within the normal range. I got 120.44. Normal is within 135-214. Questions popped out. Why? What if I get denied? What will I do next? What will happen to me?... questions which I know would remain a question until I get a call from the Cohen Office for confirmation.

My blood chem from Healthlab Clinic, Medical Plaza

For some peace of mind, I searched on the internet what Low LDH in a blood test means.

"A low result in LDH may happen with high dose of vitamin C".  

Again, I felt relieved. I guess I need not worry that much. It won't be a reason not to accept me in the program. I hope I am right. I wan't to be positive. Let's not entertain negative vibes. Let's welcome positivity! ha ha!

It has been a week since then. I can still feel the excitement. I can feel the hardship. I can't wait to get started. Therefore, I am waiting in vain. haha! OA!

On the lighter side, I still have all the chance in the world to eat. Eat what I want without restriction. Drink all the beverages I need and want without the guilt feeling.

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Pig out left and right. Enjoy food, enjoy life!  :))

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