Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Acupuncture On The Side

Thank God it's Friday! And it's my ACUPUNCTURE day!  :))

It's my third visit with Dr. Zhang (A.K.A. Sister Zhang, She is also a nun). By the way, Acupuncture is a Traditional Chinese Medicine methodology that uses thin needles to stimulate specific points to correct imbalances or maintain a healthy body. They say that it is also beneficial to those experiencing infertility. That's the reason why I am doing this. Oh well, I've got nothing to lose and besides there's no harm in trying! :)

I arrived 15 minutes late for the 11AM appointment at the TCM clinic due to unexpected traffic in QC area. I signed in on their log sheet. The attendant ushered me to the room. I lay myself down to bed and waited for Sister Zhang. 10 minutes later, she arrived and very apologetic for making me wait. I felt the sincerity in her greeting and smile. :)) A very humble person indeed.

She examined my pulse and tongue to determine her diagnosis. She asked how am I from the past 2 sessions we had, how's my poopoo everyday, how's my sleep, and if I am ovulating already. She advised me to exercise and eat only fruits and vegetables. She plans to prescribe me  herbal medicines and tea drinks to aid ovulation. I told her I am into COHEN DIET and I am just waiting for my meal plan. She isn't familiar so I gave her the extra brochure I have in my bag. I need to inform her with this so as not to create conflict associated with the Cohen diet restrictions. She said she's gonna' check on Cohen in the internet. I said it's Juday's diet. She doesn't know Juday either. Ha ha! I should not be surprised. Sister Zhang is pure Chinese. And she is not into showbiz celebrities. She's a nun. I know, right!? he he!
She started to insert needles. 2 in my feet, 2 in my knees, 2 in my legs, 2 in my wrist, around 15 in my tummy area (I lost count because she inserted too fast but painless and I can't look down to count them all), and I think 5 in my head. Wow! That was around 28 needles all over my body. Amazing! :)


The attendant attached an electronic device to the needles to stimulate my nerve in the tummy area for ovulation purposes. And this is called electro-acupuncture. This is not painful, all I can feel is a pulsating sensation that lasted for 20 minutes. Very relaxing. :)

photo not mine
Moxibustion therapy followed. The attendant put a moxa roll (various dried herbal leaves) both on my left and right knees and heated them. The gentle heat was so comfortable and soothing. I hate the smell though. This is basically done to address the underlying chronic cold in my system and expel them. Why? Because I am fond of eating and drinking cold beverages and exposed to too much air cooling system. Anyhow, for now, bye-bye cold drinks. :) But I can't say bye to aircondition. Especially now that its summertime. Awww!

My eyes were shut all the time. I almost slept but I got distracted by the snores from the room next to mine. Lucky him! Sorry me! he he! 

The whole procedure lasted for 30 minutes. Then I got up and left the clinic with great enthusiasm and faith. Faith in God, believe in myself, and believe in the power of Acupuncture.

Bye, Sister! Until next time! :))

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