Thursday, March 8, 2012

Cohen Diet: Week 1 Report (Day 8)

I Jumped off from my bed upon waking up. Pulled out the weighing scale from under the bed. Stepped on the scale. Whoah! I LOST 2kg in 7 days! It's no joke, believe me! I hope my weighing scale is not playing tricks on me! Ha ha!

I was 139.7lbs when I started. Now I am 135.2lbs. Though 1 week is just a fraction of the long journey, but I am delighted to see progress. The diet is working! Yay!

Happy and content, I head off to the kitchen to prepare my food. 

On lazy days, I just eat mango yoghurt, crackers, and coffee. And today is a lazy day. I rant about this combination in day1 but I am liking it more as days go by. 

Hubby went down to check on me while I was cooking for lunch. He said he can smell it from our room up the 2nd floor.  It was “Chiken Adobo” marinated overnight. The remaining adobo sauce/oil from the same pan were used to sautee the sidings. Perfect! Definitely there will be a repeat! :)

For dinner, "Baked Tuna". This time I put lemon for the twist and some mayo light. I wanted to put some more but I am restricted to 1 tsp level only.. darn! But all in all, it was yummy!

With my weight loss today I am more inspired to continue what has been started. This is just the beginning...... I know! But I am more determined to finish till the end.

Aim high and hit the mark!


Anonymous said...

Ate manette where are your other blogs?!? Obviously, im following your progress and im actually thinking of... I just dont know if i can sustain the meal plan. Guess i have to talk to nanay first because she will be the one who's going to prepare for my meals.hahaha But im sooo happy and soooooo excited with your progress!!!

Anonymous said...

You might wanna try puso ng saging... Yummy....

manettte said...

Hi Doc Chie! Thanks for visiting the blog regularly. So sorry for not blogging lately. hehe.

I'll be posting again my new stats after the second week is over. And that's on the 15th na.

Stay tuned! :))

MANETTE said...

puso ng saging is not allowed... awww!