Saturday, March 3, 2012

Cohen Diet: Day 3

Yesterday, March 2, was a busy day for me. I was basically out the street the whole day.  I had my acupuncture in the morning and Quiapo novena in the afternoon. At night, intermittent internet connection again so I got lazy documenting everything.

Today, I woke up a little bit late at 8AM. Since I ran out of time to prep up, I just ate my frozen mango yoghurt instead. I paired it with crispbreads and black decaf coffee. Not a good combo as I've said before, but I am left with no choice but to eat them. Likewise, I don't want to compromise my eating time. It's a rule to follow a 2.5hrs interval between each of the 6 meals. So if I had my breakfast at 9AM, my morning snacks would be 11:30AM, my lunch would be 2PM, my last meal would be at 9:30PM. Therefore, sleeping time is at 12MN since I am allowed to sleep after 2 hrs after the meal. Awww! Not a good idea. 

Photo not mine
Diet Pepsi, crispbread, and Milk Fruit for my morning snack. Milk fruit better known locally as Star apple or Caimito. Summertime is harvest time or peak season so this is the perfect time to enjoy this fruit while it lasts. Cohenites, take advantage, go and visit the market now! :)) Weeee!

Lunch was awesome! I had chicken tocino with tomatoes and cucumber as side dishes. I just marinated the chicken breast in diet sprite and applecider vinegar overnight. I added a dash of sweetener. It was perfect! Happy tummy!  :))

Dinner of Tuna and Cabbage was terrible. It tasted bland.  I just painstakingly finished everything on my plate. I'm not a fan of tuna eversince. Definitely my first and last for this menu. :(

Tomorrow I'll be heading to the supermarket to replenish my stocks. I 'll buy light mayo so I can do my zucchini sticks.. or do vegetable pizza topped with mozarella. Arrrgh! I can't wait!  :))

To cap off Day 3, it passed without headache or or lightheadedness. I guess my body is now attuned to the Cohen way..Yey!

That's all for now.. Tomorrow is another day! :))

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Madelaine Ho said...

Hi I was just reading about cohen blogs etc.. came across uour blog. I'm still waiting for my blood results hopefully I will get into the program.